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We are a local Herefordshire online food and drink delivery service, committed to offering local people the finest local produce, meat, fruit & veg, dairy and many other fantastic products. We bring together Herefordshire's finest local artisans under one roof, for you the customer to shop from.

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OpenHighStreet is a pilot programme that has emerged from a Unilever lead consortium formed in 2011 by -Unilever, Inzenka, Sequoia, Pi Global & eziserv, and is part funded by the Government's Technology Strategy Board. The consortium's aim is to enable consumers to purchase goods from local independent retailers with improved efficiency and convenience and deliver these goods to their homes with reduced environmental impact. The support of 'Circular' local economies is a leading strategy for the wellbeing and future development of sustainable communities

   Unilever Logo Unilever is a global innovator and manager of branded goods in the food, laundry, household and personal care categories   
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Inzenka is a growth and innovation consultancy based in the UK, EU and USA helping blue chip companies develop and deliver breakthrough commercial propositions and new ventures. Inzenka's point of differentiation is 'Making Growth Happen'. Since 2004 it launched over 100 new businesses and created more than 30 new JVs and partnerships


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Sequoia is a supply chain consultancy specialising in the economic and environmental aspects of supply chain planning and dynamics , working with major brands on a global and local scale


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Pi3 is a division of Pi Global a brand management and packaging consultancy operating on a world stage with recognised brands from almost every category and servicing multinational brand owners on every continent



eziserv and its sister brand Wisdom Systemsare innovators and suppliers of new technology to improve supply chains, product packaging and dispensing for the agrochemical, water treatment, consumer goods  and other related sectors and


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The Technology Strategy Board is an agency of the UK Government that manages a range of programmes and delivery mechanisms to drive